Easter At [Church Name]

Easter At [Church Name]

Let’s celebrate this Easter Weekend, [Dates & Times].

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Easter At [Church Name]


What’s a compelling question you can lean into? Let’s spend a whole weekend having fun, celebrating, and working out the answer.

Service and Event Times
  • Good Friday Service, DATE, Times
  • Saturday Festivity, DATE, Times
  • Easter Services, DATE, Times

Here’s What We Have Going On

Good Friday

What’s the big idea? And what will people feel and experience?

Day, Date, Time

Easter Services

What’s cool about this service? What do people need to know?

Day, Date, Time

Cool Stuff for Kids

What kind of coolness is happening for kids? What makes Easter awesome for them?

Day, Date, Time


One-liner. Then quickly take me from the parking lot through to the end of a typical service. What’s the vibe like? What do I do when I get inside? What happens to my kids? What will people be wearing? What’s the sermon usually like?

Easter At [Church Name]

Where to Find Us

Where to find us, what to look for, where to walk in the door, anything that would help orient them on their first time.

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